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Reiki I, II, III Attunement

Reiki I,II Attunements are in-person or via Zoom either individually or in a group.  Reiki III Attunements are offered in person. 

Reiki Attunements + Retreat are also available.

Tuition:  Reiki I ** $300  Reiki II ** $300

Reiki III ** $750​

Retreat per night ** $50

IYABO: Reiki I Certification Class for Birthworkers

This course is specially designed to teach and attune to Reiki I doulas, midwives, OBs, nurses who want to bring a Reiki Presence to the full spectrum of this Sacred Transition of Life.

Tuition: $400 

For those already attuned Reiki: $250

Doula for Your Life Mentoring Program

In-person and virtual individualized support and guidance for persons who are experiencing life transitions/growth and/or are in stages of healing.  Trauma and wound healing are offered.  A combination of conversation and Reiki session is possible. Three 55-minute sessions minimum are required.

Fee ** $240/three sessions

Check-in sessions available upon request after first three sessions $85.00


Let's create ceremony to celebrate the passages in your life!




and More

Fee ** individualized based on plan

Reiki and Integrated Bodywork Sessions

In-person and Virtual Reiki Sessions ** $75/hr

Integrated Bodywork is intuitively guided combination energywork, neuromuscular release, trigger point therapy ** $75/hr

Private and Group Retreats at Neesa's hOMe

My hOMe, Neesa's Home, is located on a quiet dirt road in a secluded, rural community on St. Helena Island SC..  Be embraced by the quiet, the spirit-filled live oak trees, and the early morning songs of the abundant birds.  Receive the healing energy of the nearby community beach or or our crown jewel, Hunting Island State Park.


Silent Retreat - spend a day or a week BEing with yourself!  Discover the deep healing and discovery that uninterrupted solitude offers.  Are you in the midst of transforming your life, your work, your relationship?  Are you in the beginning, meddle or end of a writing project?  This is a dedicated time for your.

Healing Retreat - create a time to receive healing support with scheduled sessions and plenty of time for rest and integration. Individual or Group Retreat - Let's create the personalized time and space for your ReNewal, ReJuvination, ReGeneration, ReBirth!

Fee -


Accommodations only: $50/night per                person


Retreat Activities:  Guided meditation -         $25/half hour


Guided spiritual practice - $50/hr per            person


Healing or mentoring sessions -                      $65/hr


Meals - varied


Services provided to organizations and institutions to include staff training, lecture, teaching on subjects including, but not limited to, healing and wellness, energy healing, birth support and experience, trauma healing, mental health, compassionate parenting, early childhood support

Fee ** per contract

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