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Contemplate with me......

Today is the first day of writing to invite you into contemplation with me. It is my intention to provide nurturance for our continuing journey to be, express and live as our True Selves.

I am inspired by words that are always with me.....ReTurn hOMe, Ifetayo. It is the invitation to return to myself, to Truth, to my body, to my heart, to my hara/lower belly/wombspace. I am inspired by the five precepts or principles of my Reiki practice: Just for today.....I will not anger; I will not worry; I will be grateful for all my many blessings; I will be true to my Way and Being; I will show compassion for myself and others. I am inspired by life and the never ending invitation to grow in Love, in Joy, in Peace.

Thank you for BEing a part of life. Thank you for receiving the invitation to go deeper as we journey together into more self-love and healing.

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